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Everyone living in Folly's Landing knows to carry a piece of iron in their pocket, to keep track of their tears and hair, and to put a saucer of fresh milk on the porch at night. They know it's best to stay out of the dark of the wood, and to be wary of strangers. Above all: never, ever, make a promise you don't plan to keep. The rules are simple, and if you take care to follow them, the uncanny creatures lurking on the edge of sight will abide by those ancient rules as well, and let you live in peace...mostly. But if you're careless they are not forgiving. Even an accidental misstep could bring a vengeful faerie to your door-step. And if you break a promise, or cheat one of them, a whole jar full of iron nails won't be enough to save you. So, before you set off for Folly's Landing, be sure to slip a nail into your pocket, or tie a bell around your wrist. Keep your tears close by. Don't stray off the path. And always remember, a bargain made with a faerie is a bargain best kept. features one full-length story each month and a handful of excerpts. Visit often to read something new!

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