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Writers are by nature egotistical & insecure. Without at least a small coterie of well-wishers cheering from the sidelines, telling us how wonderful we are, that every word we set down is sheer brilliance,  and that we are possessed of a singular and unparalleled genius, very little of what we write would ever see the light of day! Here then, is where they get their due. I would like to thank the following for their unflagging encouragement and support. My alpha readers: Amy Kamp, Noah Crill, Holly Crill, and Tena Gibson. A particular debt of gratitude is also owed to Holly Crill for numerous home-cooked breakfasts & lunches delivered right to my desk so I didn't have to stop writing to feed myself during the early days of this project.  And because we also need at least one person who will tell us we can do better, and if need be wrench that something better out of us, not to mention ensuring periods and commas are in their proper places; a special thank you to Talese Shertzer, editor extraordinaire.  We began our work together on Into the Dark of the Wood. Her input has been, and continues to be, invaluable. 

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